Car Wash Loans & Financing
City Capital Finance arranges Car Wash Commercial loans for car washes, care centers, service station, gas and convenient store and other similar types located in California. Car Wash commercial property loans are used for acquisition and refinance of above average condition properties.

Car wash financing is for acquisition and refinance of the business and real estate. City Capital Finance understands the challenges of car wash financing and work with several car wash lenders to meet the individual needs of its clients.

Car Wash Loans and Financing - Properties

City Capital Finance facilitates car wash real estate commercial loans for car wash properties that are above average conditions, environmentally compliant, and located in medium to above market sectors in California. We can also arrange quick close private financing, including bridge loan for all types of car wash properties with emphasis on speed. The quick close private financing is suitable for opportunistic, undervalued or other special situations where the borrower needs to close the transaction in matter of days.

  • Car wash real estate loans - Loans must be secured by real estate
  • Car wash and car care center loans and financing
  • SBA loan and non SBA car wash financing
  • Owner Operated or investor owned car wash financing
  • Established car wash with experienced operators and solid historical performance
  • Car wash acquisition financing
  • Refinancing car wash commercial properties

Car Wash Commercial Loans - Highlights

  • Minimum car wash Commercial loan size $500,000
  • 15, 20, 25, & 30 Year terms
  • As low as 15% down payment
  • Fixed and Variable options
  • Refinancing