Commercial Condominium Loan Program
City Capital Finance arranges commercial real estate loans for commercial condominiums, co-op, Residential Condominium conversion, commercial condominium conversion and other similar property type in California. Commercial condominium projects and condo conversion loans should be in large market sectors with cap rate preferably above market average.

We can also arrange quick close private financing, including bridge loan for all types of commercial condominium properties with emphasis on speed. The quick close private financing is suitable for opportunistic, undervalued or other special situations where the investor needs to close the transaction in matter of days. Private Financing is an alternative financing solution for all types of commercial condominiums for acquisitions, development and construction, rehab and repositioning, turnarounds, bank workouts, foreclosures, probate sales, and bankruptcies.

Condominium Conversion Loans

City Capital Finance provides Condominium conversion loans for borrowers that are looking for fast and flexible financing solutions. Most lenders consider condominium conversion loans for borrowers with strength and experience in condominium conversion projects.

To qualify for Condominium Conversion loan, the condominium conversion sponsor must be experienced, has the capital structure, Entitlements including permitting, feasibility of project including competitive environment and pre-Sales and marketing support.

Commercial Condominium Loan - Highlights

  • Minimum Loan amount starting at $500,000
  • As low as 25% down - 10% down payment for SBA loan
  • Fixed Rate & Variable Rate
  • Refinancing & Cash out refinancing
  • Strong Cash flow
  • Condominium association must be under owner's control
  • Above average occupancy rate
  • Above average property condition
  • Stable tenants
  • Strong actual capitalization rate

To qualify for commercial condominium loans, property income or business income must support at least 1.25 Debt Coverage Ratio and have been operating for at least 2 years. SBA loans are available for owner occupied commercial condominiums for as low as 10% down payment