Apartment building LoanConduit Loan
Conduit loans are the lowest permanent fixed rate commercial real estate loans for the acquisition or refinance of stabilized, income producing commercial real estate properties located in most market sectors. These types of loans offer investors high leverage with about 70% to 80% loan to value and an option for Mezzanine loan to go as high as 90%. Conduit loans are non-recourse loans with no personal guarantee required; except for standard carve outs for borrower's illegal activities such as fraud.

City Capital Finance structures conduit loans for commercial and multi-family properties, focusing on smaller size transactions from $1M to $25M. We work with capital markets and conduit lenders day-in and day-out and have established the relationships with these lenders to secure the best terms and smartest money for each of our financing requests.

Conduit Loan Highlights:

  • Minimum loan size: $1M
  • Maximum 80% loan to Value
  • Stable, income producing properties only
  • Fixed Rate terms- 5 to 20 years term
  • No Personal Guarantee/Non-Recourse
  • Mezzanine Option to 90%
  • Refinancing or Cash out
  • 25 to 30 year amortization
  • Multiple pre-payment options

Property Types: